Aicrete Group

Our Approach

Vertical Integration
Strong Strategic Focus

Our approach is to strengthen our strategic vertical position in the global market, being able to provide a fully integrated industry solution. Aircrete Group adds value to the total industry chain by leveraging on its key expertise in each of the segments of the autoclaved aerated concrete and building materials industry.

Industry Focus
Invest in Areas that we Know Best

Given our profound experience in the autoclaved aerated concrete and building materials industry, we focus on investment opportunities concentrated around these sectors in selective high growth markets.
Our direct entrepreneurial experience enables us to really understand the companies we invest in. Aircrete Group can be a strategic – financial partner and actively support its investments in their day-to-day business.
The Aircrete Group partners have a variety of expertise in different core business areas such as; commercial development, process technology, operations, finance and business strategy.

Long-Term Partnership
Committed with Skin in the Game

We believe in the people behind the business and therefore value and operate based on building strong personal relationships. We support our investments and local management in a constructive manner and communicate in a transparent and respectful way with all our partners. Moreover, we are convinced that a substantial skin in the game is a requirement to build a successful long term partnership and therefore are committed to do so.