Executive Members



Jop W. van Boggelen, CEO

Jop W. van Boggelen has been a Partner and CEO of Aircrete since 2008. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in Finance from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Jop has management experience in a variety of business applications in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Russia and Latin America. His focus is on international market development and corporate strategy. Jop is also a board member of several companies related to the Aircrete Group.

Daniel van Maanen (CFA), CFO

Daniel van Maanen is Partner and CFO of Aircrete since 2015. Before joining Aircrete Daniel worked at APG Asset Management, one of the world’s largest pension fund managers, as portfolio manager in private infrastructure investments. In this capacity he was closely involved in the origination, execution and asset management of numerous transactions, amongst others in the wind energy, communication infrastructure and Public Private Partnership sectors. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Master’s degree in Investment Analysis from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Daniel is a CFA charterholder.

Daniel is focusing on the Group’s investment processes, asset portfolio, financial management and international accounting.

Corniels Tavenier, Commercial Director

Corniels Tavenier is Partner and Commercial Director of Aircrete since 2016. Before joining Aircrete Corniels worked at CRH, one of the world’s largest building materials companies, as a Business Development Manager. Prior to CRH, Corniels worked as a Senior Associate in the Dutch office of M&A International, the world’s leading M&A alliance. In his previous roles, Corniels was responsible for managing international buy- and sell-side processes, ranging from family-owned companies to divestments for corporate multinationals. Corniels holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Corniels is focusing on the Group’s commercial strategy and new business development.

Koen van Boggelen, COO

Koen van Boggelen is partner and COO of Aircrete since 2015. He holds Bachelors and Masters Engineering degrees from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Koen remains an active alumnus serving as both guest lecturer in the course “Processes in a Project Based Environment” within the University-wide Project Management minor, and as Chairman of the Board of the Alumni foundation.

Before joining Aircrete, Koen worked as Senior Advisor in the Advisory practice of Ernst & Young, where he helped his clients to execute their projects and improve their business processes. Prior to this, Koen worked as a Project Manager at Grontmij, a major engineering firm in the Netherlands, where he executed several projects and improved the company's overall project structure.

Daan R. van Boggelen, CTO

Daan van Boggelen has been a Partner and CTO of Aircrete since 2007. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Groningen University, the Netherlands.

Daan has extensive experience with international projects, and has been involved in various business activities in Europe, Asia, Russia and South America. Within the Aircrete Group, he is responsible for technical activities as well as research and development.


Non-Executive Members

Willem M. van Boggelen, Chairman & Technology Consultant

Mr. Willem van Boggelen founded the first Aircrete business in 2002 and is Chairman and non-executive member of the Aircrete board since 2010. Before this period, he was actively involved with several positions in the executive management.

Mr. Van Boggelen holds an academic degree in Mechanical Engineering and Fluid Mechanics and has over 40 years of deep industry experience, working with more than 100 different AAC plants across the world.

His international expert status is confirmed by many publications, consulting evaluations, lectures and technical conferences.